Why need a good night’s sleep?

Sleep is a biological and powerful need, much like food and water. Getting a good night’s sleep is very beneficial to our well-being. This article will highlight why we need a good sleep and the benefits.

Why we need a good sleep

  • Improve Memory  During sleep the neural connectors of our memories are strengthened. The part of the brain responsible for memory storage called hippocampus is restored when we are sleeping. A good sleep is very important in preventing memory loss and improving memory.
  • Improves Heart – Quality sleep improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels which promotes good flow of blood and oxygen in the heart arteries and thereby improve the function of the heart.
  • Decrease depression – When we go to sleep and whenever our body is relaxed it releases the hormones melatonin and serotonin. This hormones help to eliminate/balance the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol making us happier and emotionally stronger.

  • Increases Creativity –  During sleep, the memory is at its peak, the mind restored and the hormones all balanced. The mind has a healthier imagination, making you more creative.
  • Supports Weight loss – A lack of sleep creates a lack of the hormone leptin in the body. Leptin is stored in the fat cells and tells us when to stop eating. The hormone Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is stimulated, making us hungrier when we’re not.
  • Makes you healthy – The immune system relies on sleep to regain strength to fight against the next days toxins. With a sluggish immune system we let down our guard to many toxins and germs that can destroy the other systems in the body.

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