Labour to fund energy-saving upgrades with £60bn

Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the opposition party in UK Labour pledge to cut UK carbon emissions by 10% through the largest home improvement programme for decades.

He said a Labour government would fund £60bn of energy-saving upgrades, such as loft insulation, enhanced double glazing and new heating systems, by 2030.


Launching the policy on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn said it “will create a sustainable energy network”, adding: “We cannot go on polluting our planet.”

The Conservatives said the plan would “wreck the economy” and “put up bills”.

Speaking about the policy – called “Warm Homes for All” – in south-west London, Mr Corbyn said that climate change would be a major part of the party’s election campaign.

“We cannot go on standing by while climate warming increases,” the Labour leader said.

Labour says low-income households will receive a grant to carry out the work on their homes, while wealthier households would receive interest-free loans for enhancements.


Households which take out the loan would pay it back through savings on energy bills, the party added.

Labour expects the project to cost £250bn – an average of £9,300 per home – but only £60bn would come as a cost to central government, it says.

Source: BBC News

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