IKEA to build sustainable & affordable new homes in UK

In an effort to solve the UK housing shortage, a company co-owned by project development and construction company Skansa and IKEA are building low-cost housing in the UK. The project is the result of a deal signed between Worthing council in West Sussex and Boklok , the IKEA-backed housing concept that provides low-cost, sustainable housing to individuals with average incomes.



IKEA-designed housing will soon pop up in Worthing, a town in southern England where average housing prices are 11 times that of the average salary. In a bid to ease the housing crisis, the council has signed a deal with international residential developer BoKlok UK to deliver 162 sustainable, factory-built homes to the coastal town. IKEA has already started (June 27, 2019) building hundreds of affordable houses in the UK.

BoKlok started in the early 1990s when IKEA and Skanska joined together to offer sustainable and low cost homes, to create an affordable way for those on average incomes to buy a home. The first homes were completed in 1997 and there are now over 11,000 homes in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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