Home Improvement: Make the most of mirrors like a magician

Magicians aren’t alone in using mirrors to their advantage.  Adding mirrors to your home is one of the easiest ways to create the illusion of space.

The 3 major ways you can use mirror for home improvement

  1. Space – make a small room or a hallway feel larger by placing a mirror on the longest wall. This will help balance the space as the reflection of the light will make the room feel wider. See the source image
  2. Focal reflector – when choosing  where to hang your mirror, think about what will be reflected in it. Use it to reflect an interesting piece of art or featured wall covered in luxe wallpaper. See the source image
  3. Piece of art – mirrors can be a piece of art in their own right. With many different designs to suit all styles, a mirror can make a statement and provide a focal point to any room. See the source image

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