UK Greetings card chain Clintons in survival talks with Landlords

Greetings card chain Clintons is considering shop closures and rent cuts as part of a survival plan.

The retailer, which has about 2,500 staff, is in restructuring talks with landlords in another sign of the High Street crisis.

A spokeswoman told the BBC no decisions have yet been made.

Clintons was responding to reports on Sunday that it wanted to close 66 out of 332 shops, with landlords slashing rents on most of the other stores.

The restructuring would involve a controversial scheme known as a company voluntary arrangement (CVA), an insolvency process that allows companies to continue trading while pushing through closures and rent cuts.

A Clintons spokeswoman said “discussions are continuing with our landlords but no decisions have been made”.

But she declined to comment on a Sunday Telegraph report that the company told landlords 90 of its shops were loss-making and that sales were expected to continue to decline.

Source: BBC News


Property Purchase: What is Indemnity insurance and do I need it?

In a UK property purchase, Indemnity insurance is used during conveyancing transactions to cover some sort of legal defect with the property which can’t be resolved swiftly, or at all. For example if there is a relatively obscure legal problem such as a problem with the deeds with virtually no chance anyone is going to make it a problem in reality, but to sort it out means going to the other party involved and can make the process very expensive, very slow or impossible. It is a one-off payment for a policy that then lasts forever

In these sort or cases an indemnity insurance policy is ideal – should the unusual problem ever show its face then you are covered by the policy. If you’re offered such a policy, its important to bear in mind what it does or doesn’t cover. For example, a policy in respect of missing Building regulations will not cover the cost of doing the work properly, but only the cost of following through any action taken by the local authority – if they don’t take any action and they won’t after the works have been up for a year then you won’t be able to claim. Your legal adviser can advise on the policy for you.


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UK Babycare retailer Mamas & Papas has gone into pre-pack administration

British maternity chain Mamas & Papas has reached out to administrators as part of an effort to stem losses in a ‘pre-pack’ deal with administrators Deloitte, resulting in six store closures in the UK and dozens of job losses.

The struggling retailer is the second babycare brand to call in administrators this week after rival Mothercare announced the closure of all 79 of its UK stores on Tuesday.

The ‘pre-pack’ deal between company owners Bluegem Capital, which acquired Mamas & Papas in 2014, and administrators Deloitte aims to cut store losses by selling off assets to other companies within the Mamas & Papas Group.

Six unprofitable stores in Aberdeen, Preston, Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Leamington Spa and Fareham have now closed with 73 members of staff losing their jobs.

A further 54 jobs are at risk as the store looks to “review and simplify” operations at its head office in Huddersfield.

The company says its 26 remaining stores will continue to trade as normal and online orders are unaffected by today’s announcement.

Riccardo Cincotta, Executive Chairman of Mamas & Papas, said: “These actions are always difficult but they are also necessary in a challenging market to ensure Mamas & Papas achieves its considerable future potential.

“We remain fully focused on maintaining our position as the UK’s most popular nursery brand.

Source: Manchester Evening News

First time buyers on a 12 year high

First-time buyer numbers have soared to a 12-year high, reaching a level last seen before the financial crisis struck.

A total of 35,010 mortgages were advanced to people buying their first home in August – the highest monthly total since August 2007, according to UK Finance.

The typical first-time buyer borrowed £175,361, the equivalent of 80% of their property’s value.

Although the sum was an average of 3.52 times their pay, close to record-low interest rates meant monthly mortgage payments accounted for just 17.1% of their total household income.

The data from UK Finance supports Zoopla research which found that more than a third (36%) of all property purchases in 2018 were made by first-time buyers and that numbers were up by a huge 85% since 2010.

Buying a home for the first time can be daunting and expensive, which is why it’s important to get fully up to speed before you start your property search. Once your name is on the property deeds, you’ll benefit from potential equity gains, you can decorate how you like and of course you’ll always have something to call your own.

Source: Zoopla property News

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UK Election 2019: Is Climate Change a deal breaker for you?

Sian Berry  Co-leader of the Green Party on the launch of their general election campaign said: “Some things are even bigger than Brexit. This must be the climate election. The future won’t get another chance.”

The party says it would fund their climate change pledge of £100bn a year by borrowing £91.2bn a year, with an extra £9bn from “tax changes”.

The party also set out plans to make Britain carbon neutral by 2030.

Conservative party  has already committed to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, a move announced by former Prime Minister Theresa May before she left office earlier this year.

Boris Johnson led Conservatives on his election campaign said they have “a proper plan to continue reducing carbon emissions” which will build on the “400,000 low carbon jobs we’ve already created (while in government)”.

Labour has also set out some of its own environmental pledges, including a promise to cut UK carbon emissions by 10% through a home improvement programme.

A Labour government would fund £60bn of energy-saving upgrades, such as loft insulation, enhanced double glazing and new heating systems, by 2030.

The question now is which party and who do you trust to deliver on climate change and will it be a deal breaker for you?


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IKEA to build sustainable & affordable new homes in UK

In an effort to solve the UK housing shortage, a company co-owned by project development and construction company Skansa and IKEA are building low-cost housing in the UK. The project is the result of a deal signed between Worthing council in West Sussex and Boklok , the IKEA-backed housing concept that provides low-cost, sustainable housing to individuals with average incomes.



IKEA-designed housing will soon pop up in Worthing, a town in southern England where average housing prices are 11 times that of the average salary. In a bid to ease the housing crisis, the council has signed a deal with international residential developer BoKlok UK to deliver 162 sustainable, factory-built homes to the coastal town. IKEA has already started (June 27, 2019) building hundreds of affordable houses in the UK.

BoKlok started in the early 1990s when IKEA and Skanska joined together to offer sustainable and low cost homes, to create an affordable way for those on average incomes to buy a home. The first homes were completed in 1997 and there are now over 11,000 homes in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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10 things to do between property purchase exchange and completion

Before the completion of your residential property purchase, there are few things you can do between exchange and completion. This process can typically take about two weeks.

  1. Make sure that you have re-set up any direct debits/standing orders in your new address.
  2. Reconfirm dates and times with your removals company, and make sure they have your new address details, including any restriction and information on parking.  Make sure they have your mobile phone number and an alternative mobile number if available so they can contact you en route if necessary.
  3. If you are paying for your possessions to be packed for you, its worth singling out any particular precious, valuable or breakable pieces and packing them separately yourself. Mark the boxes ‘fragile’ if they’re going to be loaded onto a removals van or lorry.
  4. If you’re packing yourself obtain some creates/boxes from your local removals company and do the packing on time especially the precious, valuable or breakable items so they can be properly and safely done.
  5. Make a list of what to pack last and to unpack first at the other end, and set aside a box or two for theses items. Typically this list will include household essentials such as toilet rolls; a small selection of crockery and cutlery, including mugs and teaspoons; a kettle; tea, coffee and sugar; milk; snacks; light bulbs; a torch; a selection of fuses; a couple of saucepans, utensils; a tea towel and hand towel; a wiping-down cloth; cleaning materials; bedding and pyjamas ; slippers; washbag; phone charger, alarm clock.
  6. Agree a time with your estate agent or solicitor when you can collect your new keys and hand over your old keys.
  7. Arrange for any utilities re-connections that require access to your new address to coincide with you getting access to the property.
  8. Register with a new doctor, dentist and/or other health provider(s) in your new area.
  9. If you have any regular deliveries or services at your old address, such as window cleaning, milk food, newspaper deliveries and so on, arrange to have them cancelled in good time and settle any unpaid accounts. Start to use up foods from the fridge and freezer.
  10. If you have pets make arrangement for them and think about what plants, if any, you might want to take with you with the agreement of the next tenant/owner.


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