Why insulate your home?

If only you could see clouds of £20 notes floating out of your walls, windows, doors and roofs, you would waste no time in plugging the gaps through which they’re escaping.  As energy bills have rocketed in recent years coupled with climate change awareness which has been attributed to extreme flood, amazon fire and heat wave, there are compelling reasons why investing time and money insulating your home is worthwhile for everyone.

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For one thing, properties are increasingly rated and valued on the basis of their energy performance. There’s also the comforting though that with your carbon footprint reduced to the size of a pea, you’re doing your bit to beat climate change.

The benefits of insulating

  • A warmer home in the colder seasons.
  • Reduced fuel bills (over 60% of domestic energy consumed is for space heating).
  • Reduced condensation, damp and mould.
  • Greater comfort with fewer draughts.
  • A cooler home in hotter summer months.
  • Improved EPC rating to qualify for grants and add value.
  • A more eco-friendly building
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Eco Living: Plants for family gardens

One of the ways of achieving eco living is by having a family garden where you can grow plants for environmental protection and food. A family garden is like an outdoor room, a space where the family can relax, play and interact with nature.

In a family garden you need tough plants that are easy to look after and safe with children around: avoid fragile blooms, anything with thorns, or plants that can cause skin irritations or that are poisonous to eat. Teach children never to put leaves, flowers or berries in their mouths.

A good backbone of easy-care shrubs will provide structure, then add a few perennials for both colour and fragrance. Lavender and chocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) are good choices for their lovely scent, as are Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata) and the thornless rose ‘Zephirine Drouhin’. You could also consider mallow (Lavatera). dogwood(cornus), buddleia (which is robust and attractive to butterflies) and the vigorious kerria japonica.

If you have space, set aside an area for children to grow their oen plants. Sweet peas, sunflowers, beans, lettuces and nasturtiums are easy to cultivate and will give pleasure all summer long.


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Three Generation rent experimental Eco HMO from UK Council

It is an unusual set-up, pioneered by Kent County Council, which bought the run-down former hotel for £150,000 as part of a regeneration scheme in one of the most socially-deprived areas in the UK.

Almost £1m was spent converting it into a home appropriate for multi-generational living. Situated over five floors, it has three kitchens, five bathrooms and seven bedrooms.


The family previously lived in three separate homes around the town.

Hospital sister Lizi lived with her fiance Richard, a chef, and Dan. Andrew, who works in a greenhouse nursery, lived on his own, while single mum Charli, who works in a supermarket, lived in another home with her six-year-old daughter Poppy.

Lizi spotted an advert for the experiment after her landlord said he was selling up. She fell in love with the house as soon as she saw it and persuaded the family to move in together.

The house was also designed to ensure it met high environmental standards.

For example, water from the washing machine is recycled for use in the toilet, which means a household of six people uses the equivalent of a two-person household.

Academics are monitoring how warm the house is, how much fresh air it has and how much condensation there is.

The family are privately renting the house from Kent County Council for around £1,750 a month, plus bills – and say living together has helped them save money.

“We’re not all paying rents,” Richard Warrington, whose previous property cost £1,200 per month, explains.

“We’re not all paying separate electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, council tax and everything else. So we’re all now paying one lump sum for the house.”

Source: BBC News

Eco top tips for UK Homes

Making your home eco friendly is a win-win, as it will offer you comfort living, financial savings and above all save the planet from the effect of climate change. The following tips will provide you with a greener home, heavier wallet and a safer planet;

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  • Insulation – The most eco effective thing to do is to insulate your home. Insulation of your home is to to prevent heat loss, therefore reducing the amount of heating required. 35% of heat is lost through the walls, 25% through the roof, 15% through the floor, 15% through draughts and 10% through the windows.  Wall insulation can save up to £135 pa on energy bills and loft insulation could save up to £175.
  • Boilers – An energy efficient boiler will make a significant savings; the Energy Saving Trust estimates this to be up to £200 pa for the equivalent of 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • Eco lighting – Energy saving light bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs. On average they cost less and can save you up to £40 pa.
  • Secondary glazing – A secondary glazing system installed on your window is a great way to keep energy from escaping your home. A whole house fitted with secondary glazing could save you 40% of your energy bill in a year
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Other tips worth considering is installation of Biomass for heating, underfloor heating, solar energy for electricity and heating and renewable energy for electricity and heating.

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3 easy ways to save money for the things you need or want

There are lots of things that we need to do to enable us  achieve our dreams of being successful and fulfilled in life. There is a different from what you want and what you need and it takes wisdom and understanding to differentiate the two and when to go from one to the other. A need is a requirement for survival, e.g. breathable air, food, shelter etc. A want is a desire. It may be the desire for a need (e.g. a choking person generally wants to be able to breath) or for something not needed for survival, such as chocolate or a new car.


Below are the 3 easy ways to save for what you need or want

  1. Reduce

There are various things you have to reduce such as time, waste, energy etc that will save you money and cost you less. It is easy to start from the basic and small things you can mostly control and quantify like food, clothes, energy and then with time it will grow and multiply to significant savings to will enable you meet your every needs and essential wants.

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2.  Reuse

There are things that  need using again, whether for its original purpose or to fulfil a different function. It is in doing so that you can get the worth of that thing. Reuse helps save time, money, energy, and resources. In broader economic terms, it can make quality products available to people and organizations with limited means, while generating savings and opportunities that contribute to the economy in a sustainable way.


3. Recycle

To save for what you need or want you can recycle the things you have. Recycling is the process of converting old/waste materials into reusable materials and objects. It is an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal that can save material and help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing: energy usage, air pollution and water pollution.

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It’s easy to get worried about how your home energy usage is impacting on your finance, lifestyle, health, safety and the environment. You might have tried to do something about it one way or the other but it seems like your effort is not good enough or nothing appears to change. energy photoThe truth is that you are not alone, there are millions of people struggling to get it right including myself when it comes to home energy efficiency in practical terms. There are lots of advice and some might require investment, change of lifestyle, change of supplier, time, technology, skills, etc. The key is to know the best ways that works for you and keep improving on it to make it work on a regular and sustainable manner.

Three simple ways of home energy efficiency that always works.

  • Reduce your usage:  By reducing your heating, cooking, lighting requirement through home insulation, better thermostatic controls, technology where applicable, eco and energy efficient products. Your energy usage consist mostly of heating and lighting so focus on reducing your heating and lighting usage with the best practicable and affordable method.
  • Switch energy supplier regularly: Though this might not have direct impact on your home energy efficiency but it does give you the  best opportunity to save money and encourages efficient use of energy through subconscious reminder of the financial benefit of doing so.
Home energy
  • Seek help and Advice: There are lots of free help and advice available online and offline from energy experts, government and private organisations and energy suppliers. The key is to  make sure you are getting the best help and advice that suits your need and situation.  Always look at various options before choosing the one you think is best for you.
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