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10 practical ways to motivate yourself to success

Its your life, your future and your opportunity to take. However, your success in life, business and career depends on your vision and passion to succeed.  From time to time your enthusiasm wanes when faced with challenges, and there’s no one else to pick you up and get you going again.  Below are ten ways to motivate yourself.

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  1. Get a plan – If you haven’t got a written plan, it’s time to get one and always read and use it to remind yourself why it is you’re doing all this for. We all lose sight of the vision from time to time – bring it back to life.
  2. Breakdown your plans –  Challenges can be overwhelming, breaking down your plans into smaller tasks and conquering them one at a time is the best practical solution.
  3. Plot your course – Use your broken down plans and plot strategies that link them together to arrive at your ultimate goal. Treat it like a puzzle, where you take the smaller pieces and put them together to form the bigger picture.
  4. Place it on the wall – Get a visual picture of it on your wall where you can see them. Graphs and pictures are better than words.
  5. Check your health – Losing motivating might be is a sign of physical or mental illness/fitness. Check it out and do something about it. It’s easier to be motivated when you’re fit and well.
  6. Ask for or support others – If you’re married, in a relationship, at work, have family or friends, it has to be their challenge too, ask for support. And if possible support others as this will motivate you.
  7. Check your champions – When you’re feeling down, it’s good to check on your progress with those you look up to. You might be surprise to see that you’re currently better than you thought.
  8. Use some fresh air – Are you feeling overwhelmed? Open the window or go out and breath in fresh air. Marvel at the natural world and the beauty of its creation, it might put things into perspective.
  9. Take time out –`If you’re feeling demotivated you need some time to yourself. Clear space in your diary and focus on your needs rather than the needs of others around you. You need you to take care of others.
  10. Celebrate – A joyful soul is a healthy soul and a source of strength. Always find cause to celebrate. When you hit a target have a party even if it’s just you alone. Mark each success along the way.


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Manchester City centre population to double by 2025

In the four years since 2015, the city centre has added around 35,000 people, with the current total sitting at around 60,000.

Officials expect similar to happen again.

City-centre living is no longer monopolised by students and young professionals, with increasing numbers of 35-49-year-olds choosing to live in the apartment market, embracing city living.

The broadening of the population living in Manchester will inevitably lead to more demand on services such as schools, medical practices and policing.

How will fast growing cities such as Manchester City cope?

With most city centre booming and becoming increasingly residential, the potential conflict between the wants and desires of residents in town, and operators in the night-time economy, like bars and venues, is brought to the fore. The challenge will be for city councils and planners to continuously create sustainable and dynamic socio-economic environment for all to thrive.

Source: Manchester Evening News


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Dennis Bebo – MSC, BSC, DEA, CeMAP

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