UK Election 2019: Is Climate Change a deal breaker for you?

Sian Berry  Co-leader of the Green Party on the launch of their general election campaign said: “Some things are even bigger than Brexit. This must be the climate election. The future won’t get another chance.”

The party says it would fund their climate change pledge of £100bn a year by borrowing £91.2bn a year, with an extra £9bn from “tax changes”.

The party also set out plans to make Britain carbon neutral by 2030.

Conservative party  has already committed to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, a move announced by former Prime Minister Theresa May before she left office earlier this year.

Boris Johnson led Conservatives on his election campaign said they have “a proper plan to continue reducing carbon emissions” which will build on the “400,000 low carbon jobs we’ve already created (while in government)”.

Labour has also set out some of its own environmental pledges, including a promise to cut UK carbon emissions by 10% through a home improvement programme.

A Labour government would fund £60bn of energy-saving upgrades, such as loft insulation, enhanced double glazing and new heating systems, by 2030.

The question now is which party and who do you trust to deliver on climate change and will it be a deal breaker for you?


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How to claim for Home Insurance: the three golden rules

Home insurance is there to give you financial support if the worst happens. So if you need to claim, its important that you know what to do.

1. Read the policy carefully

To start with, when you receive the policy document read it carefully to know exactly what you are covered for, any limits or exclusions, and the steps you need to make a claim. For example, if you have been burgled, you will be expected to notify the police as soon as possible. And if anything is unclear, talk to your insurer.

2. Inform your insurer as soon as possible, if you need to claim

As soon as you think you need to claim, tell your insurer. The sooner they know, the sooner they can get your claim moving. If, for example, your home has been damage by fire or flood, arrange any temporary repairs to stop the damage from getting worst. Home buildings and contents policies will include a 24-hour emergency helpline service to give you advice and information.

3. Provide as much information as possible

The more detail information that you can give your insurer about the damage, and what you are claiming for the better.  When claiming for damage or lost items, wherever you have them, provide receipts and any valuations to substantiate your claim.

While insurance cannot guarantee that you will not suffer financial setbacks. It can ensure that any unexpected and unwelcome events will not leave you struggling financially. Home Insurance in particular is one of the very few products that you buy hoping you will never have to use it. But if the worst happens, it will turn out to be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

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Easy ways to change your lighting for home improvement

Even if you don’t want to spend time and money redecorating, there are still lots of simple ways to improve your lighting.

These could include:

  • Changing the central light fitting. There are myriad of different light fittings. Pendant lights are simply those that fit on the ceiling. Downlighters provide general lighting directed downwards and can be subtle if recessed. Uplighters have the opposite effect, reflecting light from the ceiling and upper walls, gently illuminating the whole room. Wall lights are usually fitted to supplement a ceiling pendent but they can also be used independently in areas such as hallways.

  • Using the correct light bulbs for your light fitting. Energy efficient light bulbs are now available in a wide range of types and designs, even for dimmer switches, so there’s no excuse for keeping your old, incandescent bulbs.



  • Adding floor and table lamps. For specific areas of the room used for particular tasks, such as a desk in a study, cabinet or a kitchen work surface.  The best choices are directional desk, table and floor lamps.

  • Replacing shades. Changing the shades to suit the purpose of the lamp or light fittings to fit in with the interior design of the room.

  • Installing a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches are cheap and easy to install but have the power to instantly change the atmosphere of a room. they can be used in fixed light fittings, floor and table lamps.

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