Manchester container business centre for start ups

It might not sound like a likely or desirable space from which to run your business, but the rows of old shipping containers at Pollard Yard have become a hub for some of Greater Manchester’s most creative and promising start-ups.

The business centre offers Wi-Fi, affordable rates, flexibility… and walls made of rusty corrugated iron giving it its unique feature.

The New Islington hub, run by property management firm Meanwhile Creative, boasts nail bars and film studios, co-working spaces and fashion design houses.

A short walk from the Holt Town tram stop, it might feel a little out of the way.

But it’s got some big neighbours – Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo Man have got warehouses and offices on either side, Hope Mill Theatre is just down the road, and the drumbeats coming from Brunswick Mill Rehearsal Studios are just audible – and it’s doing a roaring trade.

There are 75 containers here now, with more phases on the way in the coming months – and they’re all let.

Stepping through the entrance to Pollard Yard, you’re greeted by a huge bee-covered mural by artist Ben Downs .

Tenants are given only the very bare bones of a container, though insulated and with electricity wired in, which they can decorate how they wish.

We see neon signs and flower walls, hanging plants and giant noticeboards as we work our way around the yard.

There are loose plans to add an outside seating area to help nourish the community that’s formed here in this unlikely location, with hopes to open a cafe.

Prices at Pollard Yard are low, too – to get your own 160-square-foot office, it’ll cost you £225 per month.

For 320 square feet, it’s £425 per month.

Source: Manchester Evening News


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Manchester City centre population to double by 2025

In the four years since 2015, the city centre has added around 35,000 people, with the current total sitting at around 60,000.

Officials expect similar to happen again.

City-centre living is no longer monopolised by students and young professionals, with increasing numbers of 35-49-year-olds choosing to live in the apartment market, embracing city living.

The broadening of the population living in Manchester will inevitably lead to more demand on services such as schools, medical practices and policing.

How will fast growing cities such as Manchester City cope?

With most city centre booming and becoming increasingly residential, the potential conflict between the wants and desires of residents in town, and operators in the night-time economy, like bars and venues, is brought to the fore. The challenge will be for city councils and planners to continuously create sustainable and dynamic socio-economic environment for all to thrive.

Source: Manchester Evening News


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UK Babycare retailer Mamas & Papas has gone into pre-pack administration

British maternity chain Mamas & Papas has reached out to administrators as part of an effort to stem losses in a ‘pre-pack’ deal with administrators Deloitte, resulting in six store closures in the UK and dozens of job losses.

The struggling retailer is the second babycare brand to call in administrators this week after rival Mothercare announced the closure of all 79 of its UK stores on Tuesday.

The ‘pre-pack’ deal between company owners Bluegem Capital, which acquired Mamas & Papas in 2014, and administrators Deloitte aims to cut store losses by selling off assets to other companies within the Mamas & Papas Group.

Six unprofitable stores in Aberdeen, Preston, Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Leamington Spa and Fareham have now closed with 73 members of staff losing their jobs.

A further 54 jobs are at risk as the store looks to “review and simplify” operations at its head office in Huddersfield.

The company says its 26 remaining stores will continue to trade as normal and online orders are unaffected by today’s announcement.

Riccardo Cincotta, Executive Chairman of Mamas & Papas, said: “These actions are always difficult but they are also necessary in a challenging market to ensure Mamas & Papas achieves its considerable future potential.

“We remain fully focused on maintaining our position as the UK’s most popular nursery brand.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Why need a good night’s sleep?

Sleep is a biological and powerful need, much like food and water. Getting a good night’s sleep is very beneficial to our well-being. This article will highlight why we need a good sleep and the benefits.

Why we need a good sleep

  • Improve Memory  During sleep the neural connectors of our memories are strengthened. The part of the brain responsible for memory storage called hippocampus is restored when we are sleeping. A good sleep is very important in preventing memory loss and improving memory.
  • Improves Heart – Quality sleep improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels which promotes good flow of blood and oxygen in the heart arteries and thereby improve the function of the heart.
  • Decrease depression – When we go to sleep and whenever our body is relaxed it releases the hormones melatonin and serotonin. This hormones help to eliminate/balance the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol making us happier and emotionally stronger.

  • Increases Creativity –  During sleep, the memory is at its peak, the mind restored and the hormones all balanced. The mind has a healthier imagination, making you more creative.
  • Supports Weight loss – A lack of sleep creates a lack of the hormone leptin in the body. Leptin is stored in the fat cells and tells us when to stop eating. The hormone Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is stimulated, making us hungrier when we’re not.
  • Makes you healthy – The immune system relies on sleep to regain strength to fight against the next days toxins. With a sluggish immune system we let down our guard to many toxins and germs that can destroy the other systems in the body.

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Property firm WeWork recue by Softbank with $5b

Softbank, the firm’s biggest outside investor, has agreed to invest billions in the firm after the collapse of WeWork’s flotation plans and ouster of co-founder Adam Neumann.

In a statement, Softbank said it would provide $5bn (£3.9bn) in new financing and up to $3bn for existing shareholders.

The deal will see Softbank increase its stake in the US office-space sharing start-up to roughly 80%.

The deal marks the end of a tumultuous period for WeWork – once valued at nearly $50bn – that saw Mr Neumann step down as chief executive as questions over his leadership emerged.

The former boss is expected to be handed a sizeable payout. The Wall Street Journal reported the deal could see Mr Neumann receive nearly $1.7bn as he sells his shares in the company and through other fees.

Co-founder Adam Neumann will leave the board but retain “observer” status.

WeWork leaders have warned staff to expect major job cuts after a shake-up at the struggling co-working company.

The company, which rents shared office space and helped to popularise co-working, has grown from a single office in New York City to more than 500 locations around the world. But it lost about $900m in the first six months of this year.

The firm’s share offering received a lukewarm reaction from investors, who raised concerns about the firm’s financing and governance. WeWork officially dropped the flotation plan last month.

Questions about its complicated financial ties to Mr Neumann also frustrated plans and led to him stepping down from the top job.

Source: BBC News