What is your Vision 2020?

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10 Things that will make you successful

Like it or not, unless you are already successful, you will need to work to achieve success. And even if you are successful you will still need to work harder to sustain your success. The following are 10 things that will help you become successful and sustain your success;

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  1. Vision – Yes, you must have a clear vision and know where you are heading. Your plan must paint a clear vision
  2. Commitment – However good your plan or resources at your disposal, if you are not committed it will be difficult to succeed. You need commitment to implement your plan, manage your resources and stay on course no matter the challenges you face along the way.
  3. Security – As if commitment is not enough, you need security as a foundation to guaranty success. Your security is your assets and it can be physical (tangible) such as a property, valuables, investments or non-physical (intangible) such as Brand-name, contract agreement, exclusive right, permission etc
  4. Cover – You will also need to manage your risk effectively. The more success you have behind you the more you are expose to risk.
  5. Market –  You must know and understand your market and how to excel in your sector.
  6. Skills – You must have the necessary skills required and your CV must read well.
  7. Health – You need strength, resilience and stamina to succeed in life generally. Always keep yourself healthy and fit.
  8.  Love – Love what you do and treat everyone with love. Let it be your driving force and shine through in anything you do.
  9. Courage – You need to be courageous in taking decisions and dealing with challenges.
  10.  Persuasiveness – Whether you like it or not, you will have to sell yourself, product or services and the ability to sell is the greatest asset to succeed in life. Don’t appear to be too clever or aggressive. You will need to practice good customer service and marketing skills.

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